I have been having trouble getting our Glastonbury pictures to show up nicely in the slide show format. I will try another way.  Click on the images to enlarge them.

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Stanton Drew

Stanton Drew is an ancient site with multiple stone circles covering a large area, which is also a cow pasture. Be sure to watch your step.



Pilot Cutter Race

The Pilot Cutter is a class of sail boat, the same kind that we went on a couple of weeks ago. There was a race on Saturday and the Agnes was in it as well as a couple of other boats that Luke Powell built. The best place to see the race was back at the St. Mawes castle that we visited when Brad & Billy were here. This time we rode out by car with Geoff and Jenny. There were  two races with a lunch break between.



St. Just Church on Roseland penninsula

On our way to sail boat races, we crossed the King Harry Ferry and went through St. Just.




Walking Around Penryn

These pics were taken a few weeks ago. We start out at the remains of Glasney college which was built in the 14th century. We go up past the railroad tracks and loop back through town, then onto a public path on the other side of the harbor, which goes past an old cemetery.



St. Mawes Castle

When Brad and Billie were here we went to St. Mawes on the ferry from Falmouth. The Castle was built in the 16th century to defend against the Spanish.